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      ABOUT US
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      Since JR is built up, we have been promoting the technology development of the products, and bringing the products and services of the best quality to the customer. In the meanwhile, we always put the fast growing society benefit in the first place and company benefit in the second place. We are quite active at promoting the academic conference and scholarship activity, and boosting the industry development.
      The research and development of technology, quality, and management have been substantially enriched and fulfilled through the solid cooperation of all the employees. Our company has passed the ISO 9001 Quality System Certification of Switzerland SGS certification company; and we have obtained the CE certificate for exporting products to Europe.
      The management of the company adheres to the concept of being people-oriented and pursing pragmatic benefits. We have established our own effective management method by absorbing and combining the merits of foreign funded enterprises, state-owned and private enterprises and our own features.
      Our company advocates building up a studying-style enterprise and keeping a happy and bright working environment.
       Company principle:
      Keep advanced technology and revive national automotive industry.
      Be responsible for our  customers,and always provide  the best products.
      Advocate humanistic management and inspire the potentiality of the employees.
      Loyal, self-discipline employee; efficient, pragmatic, healthy and enjoyable working environment.

      Company quality motto:
      • Provide the best product and service to our customers!

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